Browser comparison

I use three browsers daily: Chrome (80%), Firefox (15%) and IE (5%).
A stab at listing the pros and cons of each

Google ChromeMozilla FirefoxInternet Explorer
BookmarksA: From location barA: From location barC: From Menu/Shortcuts
KeywordsC: NoneA: Smart keywords C: None
Ad-blockingC: NoneA: Yes, adblockplusC: None
Loading SpeedA: InstantaneousC: Very SlowB: Mediocre
SearchA: From location barB: From Search boxB: From Search Box
FindB: Ctrl+FA: Find-as-you-typeB: Ctrl+F
CompatibilityC: Lots of broken pagesB: Mostly worksA: Always works

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Sameer Gauria said...

IEPro will add adblocking to IE.