Rediff Shopping

Avoid Rediff Shopping at all costs. I placed three orders during May-Jun 2004. The first two were delivered, but the third one was not.

I tried to contact customer care. They do not provide any phone number or email address. Using Rediff support, the closest you can get to is: When will my item be delivered. At the bottom of this page is: "Did this answer your question", and a checkbox titled "No, contact customer support".

Guess what, clicking that box, leads you to a 404 Not Found page.


vivek said...

Exactly, I completely agree. I did order four items and one of them wasn't delivered. And no customer support provided. Rediff Shopping sucks. Never ever buy anything from rediff. Rediff SUCKS.

Anonymous said...

ya i am also agree with u , i bought one MP4 player from rediff shopping and they have delivered the same to me , but the sofware CD along with that is not proper. it has all the things in chinese. It shows that rediff is getting the electronics cheap electronic goods from china and sold it on higher prices in india.

Anonymous said...

Rediff Shopping sucks!!!
They are big cheats - charge astronomically, dont deliver in time, and have inferior items.
Never ever use rediff!

Anonymous said...

Yeah even i ordered a USB cable from rediff and while they delivered it on schedule, the cable did not actually work and the drivers that came along with it were for Win 95/98!!! The manual that came along was in chinese (those chinese bastards cant speak english anyway) and when i tried to contact rediff cusotmer care, i did not receive any reply. I had no option but to throw out piece of shit away and swear never to use rediff shopping again.

Anonymous said...

I 200% AGREE! REDIFF is the worst online shopping portal with the NO..and I MEAN NO SUPPORT...they don't care AT ALL that you paid your hard earned money to buy something..and the least they can do is to get it to you..They have a very poor future for Online Shopping..Hear me Loud REDIFF..U SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! The other day I bought a book worth Rs950/- from OM Books International (via Rediff Shopping) and it turned out to be written in CHINESE!


Moreover, they don't even offer refunds... I'm doomed!!

Anonymous said...

I ordered flowers which were on express delivery and its the 5th day now and the status on there site still says pending. It took them 2 days to approve the order when though I payed through credit card.


Anonymous said...

GUYS this site is supporting lot of cheaters who want to sale fack & deffective items. This will show some decent products with very very attractive prices. If you order you will end up with getting some totally different item of poor quality or it will be a defective items & you will be their another victim. There is no protecion to the customers. We need to spread these messages to refrain peoples from rediff shopping. 99.99% chance for any customer to get cheated on rediff shopping.

Anonymous said...

It took them 2 days to approve the order when though I payed through credit card.i basically deal here they offer free shipping + discount 25 to 45 & on branded products.

Unknown said...

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