Book Review: FISH STICKS!

Shuchi and I went over to Sunnyvale Public Library yesterday. While she was looking for some books, I happened to pickup FISH STICKS! and started reading. As it caught my interest, I decided to get it issued from the library. A day later, and I've already read it!

Here's the summary I've extracted from the book:

Whenever you make a change in an organization, there is a gravity that tries to pull it back towards the old way of doing things. Initially, the excitement and energy surrounding the new change overcomes that gravity, and the change might be labelled a success. However, it takes a lot more than that to make the change stick.

  • Stakeholders must identify with and personalize it. Having a lofty vision statement is important, but perhaps even more important is for individuals to personalize it - what does the whole thing mean to them and how do they fit in? Deep, meaningful and sincere communication between stakeholders plays a crucial role in helping people personalize the vision.
  • For continual reinforcement, it is important to experience and recognize "vision moments". These are one of a kind 'aha' moments where you see how you're fulfulling what you set out to achieve.
  • Direct and honest feedback is vital to making the changes stick. Regardless of hierarchy or seniority, every stakeholder should be open to feedback from others if they feel the energy fading
  • If you're still looking for the next step - its time to stop learning and start acting. If you can see the path laid out in steps, you're following someone else's path. You need to find your unique path for your unique situation.

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