Optoutprescreen is Legit

If you've googled for "opt out pre screen", the first result is optoutprescreen.com

Now, how do you trust it? Searching for optoutprescreen.com on equifax.com or experian.com returned no results. Googling further revealed this ftc web page, which confirms that optoutprescreen.com is as legit as 1-888-5-OPTOUT

Now lets compare the convenience of the two alternatives. On the 1-888-5-OPTOUT number, there is a hideous voice recognition system that wants you to say your street address aloud, and almost never gets it right. On the other hand, typing in your details on a website is easy. So why are consumer reporting agencies making it harder to find optoutprescreen.com? Why do they not link to it themselves? Shame on them for keeping advertisers' interests over consumers. Kudos to FTC/FCRA for forcing them to provide opt out methods.

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