Legal Immigration Reform

Dear Senator Obama,

In line with your practical approach on complex issues, here are a couple of suggestions on tackling legal immmigration.

  1. Number of H1B Visas - as you're probably aware, H1-B visas have been handed out by lottery over the last couple of years due to excessive demand. So here's a simple solution: For each year, the cap is hit, increase the H1B Visa Cap, and the H1B filing fee by 20%. Use the excess fee to fund scholarships for American students in the high tech industry.
  2. Greencard backlog - A large percentage of H1-B applicants eventually apply for greencard. However, there's no cap on the number of H1-B visas issued to a single country, but there are per-country quotas for greencards. This should be consistent. Either apply per country limits on both, or neither.
  3. Legislation - While a comprehensive immigration act is needed, why hold up legal immigration reform when debating illegal immigration? I'm sure the legal reform is an easier bipartisan sell.

PS: I really enjoyed reading The Audacity of Hope

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